Bobcat 873 Skid Steer Loader

Published Apr 15, 22
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Bobcat Skid Steer For Sale

This big-sized heavy machine can be paired with heavy-duty attachments like hydraulic hammers too. With the 332G, contractors are discovering that they can get plenty of work done at a comparatively lower price. So, if you’re looking for a skid steer loader that offers greater performance and productivity with simplified service, then the 332G is probably the right machine to consider.

The lifting performance and the stability of the Cat 262D offer great material handling capability. Have it in mind that the Cat 262D also offers high hydraulic power, which is the primary factor to measure performance and this makes the machine an excellent choice for contractors who are looking for high-productivity hydro-mechanical tools.

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The SSV75 is equipped with the slide-up, front-entry door, which rises upwards, instead of swinging outwards, which allows the operator to open the door of the loader irrespective of its position. And, this allows the operator to exit or enter the loader even if it is in a narrow space.

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Gehl Skid Steer For SaleBobcat 873 Skid Steer Loader

But how could fixed wheels be steered? Keller’s solution was to distribute the weight of his loader so that one end would always outweigh the other. In practice, this means when a set of wheels on the heavier end counter-rotates to pivot the loader, the two wheels on the lighter end are carried—or skidded—in the direction of the turn.

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Part of that history, incidentally, involves the creation of a kindred machine, the compact track loader. The Kellers foresaw a market for compact loaders rolling on rubber tracks, so they manufactured tracks for Bobcat skid steers. The tracks gave more flotation and traction on soft ground and birthed the parallel compact track loader industry, which today is a separate category of machine.

It is a decision-making process rooted in logic. The logic of it can be boiled down to the following four considerations: Match a skid steer to your need for the machine One size skid steer does not fit all situations. Nor does one size engine in a skid loader fit all tasks, nor one travel speed, one hydraulic capacity, or one lift height.

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Heavy machines on steel tracks and a blade on the front are ideal for leveling a hill or pushing material into piles. They’re called bulldozers. Highly maneuverable wheeled machines with a long hydraulic boom are perfect for transferring materials from the ground to second-story levels. They’re called telehandlers. A skid steer can do none of that.

A skid loader can perform these tasks with great efficiency and is a highly productive piece of compact machinery. Be realistic about what you want a skid steer loader to do and you won’t be disappointed. Give some weight to brand and dealership considerations Only a fool buys a piece of compact equipment because it is green, or orange and white, or blue.

Shoppers for a skid loader should enter the market with their eyes wide open. Truly excellent skid steers are produced by numerous manufacturers, and a smart buyer will evaluate them without bias. On the other hand, manufacturers and dealers also should be a part of your calculation. Company reputations matter in respect to customer support, product reliability, and swift delivery of parts.

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And management software to monitor machine performance varies from brand to brand, so it is incompatible. This all can be avoided by selecting a manufacturer with a complete line-up of skid loaders and staying with it. Don’t overlook machinery auctions The first impulse when you decide to shop for a skid steer loader probably is to visit a dealership for a new or used machine.

This has the added value of bringing to bidders a skid steer for sale that is not on site, that, in fact, might be parked in an equipment yard in another state or country. The same buyer-protection policies apply to these long-distance transactions. An auction by a reputable company is a reliable resource for a skid loader shopper.

Long-term maintenance is someone else’s responsibility. Having a sophisticated piece of equipment sitting idle and unproductive is not a worry when you only have it around when needed. Still, you should give thought to which skid steer loader you want for the short term. Is it a good fit for your project? Rental houses and dealers typically have in their equipment yard the more popular sizes of skid steers.

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But also offered are entry-level machines suitable for puttering around a backyard, cleaning up after installation of an irrigation system, or undertaking a weekend project at the country place. Getting the wrong machine will either waste your money or your time. If you clearly explain what you plan to do with a rented skid loader, you can leave a rental yard with the right machine.

The operator is seated in a protective cage. The loader has a low center of gravity, so it is not easily tipped, especially during ground work. Controls are intuitive and the learning curve is shallow. Still, not everyone is born to operate a piece of equipment. If you are a novice, learn what models of rentable skid steers are in local stores, then Google the models.

Skid steer loaders operate in a world of vibration and jolts. Booms are stressed when full buckets bounce as a loader encounters a bump or dip. The arms and frame are impacted when the leading edge of bucket is driven into a pile of material or the ground. So, be aware of cracks and welds and other indications that a loader has been banged around.

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You may not know what a smooth-running engine sounds like, but you can instinctively detect suspicious rattles. Pay heed. If the skid steer is powered by a diesel, black smoke may be emitted when the engine is switched on. If dense blackness continues, it could mean the engine has a compression or fuel injection problem.



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