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Published Apr 23, 22
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As a young farm kid, before I could operate the tractors, I had to pick rocks and sticks in the fields. I sometimes unearthed boulders that would have broken the blades on the tiller immediately. I remember thinking, “This can’t be the most efficient way to prepare a farm field – there has to be an easier way.” One day, I went home and asked, “Don’t they make a Bobcat attachment for this?” My parents replied, “Well, yeah, but then what would you do? Sit at home inside and play video games?” These days, I’m always looking for the best way to accomplish any task at hand.

The process improvements are sensational. Here is my list of the coolest skid steer attachments the following list is for the common person. The added value these attachments provide will differ depending on your line of work (construction, landscaping, farming, etc.). 1) Essential skid steer attachments – I’m starting the list with the most affordable and practical attachment, which to me makes it the coolest.

I have redone a handful of driveways with solely a skid steer and a bucket attachment. Everyone can use a skid steer bucket in their life. Well, not if you live in a skyscraper apartment. – These are most often used to move pallets of material or maybe 275-gallon totes of AMSOIL products.

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They’re practical for stacking lumber and building materials to be set in a garage. Be sure to put blocks underneath so you can fit your forks underneath the next time you want to move something. Another reason forks are great? They’re affordable. 2) Brush Hog Brush cutters are ideal for the initial pass when clearing land and mowing overgrown areas.

Tillers are purpose-built for pulverizing the toughest soil, saving time and money. 4) Auger Augers are used to drill holes for fencing, footings, trees and more. There are different drive systems for different types of soils. Augers can usually dig down about six feet, but you can buy extensions if need be.

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5) Trencher This one makes the list because of the time savings it offers. There are a variety of trencher options on the market. Before renting or buying, it’s important to know the depth and width of the trench you’re digging. Forty-two inch trencher attachments work well, especially for utility lines, irrigation systems and drain pipes.

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They’re most often found in the demo, construction and trash-management industries.– Although mulcher attachments are a cool concept, they’re expensive. Mulchers are used on land that hasn’t been touched in a long time. They help reduce manual labor. I can’t complain about picking rocks all summer in those fields; it shaped who I am.

So, which ones do you choose? Precision Holes (Augers) Hydraulic earth augers are one of the most popular attachments available for skid steers and track loaders. Their power, productivity and ease-of-use have made them a go-to solution for precise digging projects. Dig depth on these augers is dependent partially on the host machine, but typically auger attachments can reach a dig depth up to 72 in.

But before you start digging, the first steps in making sure an earth auger attachment will perform as desired is to ensure the attachment is compatible with its power source. This means the skid steer and track loader must have adequate hydraulic flow and pressure ratings in order to provide enough power to the attachment.

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You have to pick the best category for your needs.” Auger drives will be an important decision. Rotation is powered by a planetary, chain or direct drive. Planetary drives are the most expensive drive type but offer the most power for tough jobs. Chain drives are less expensive than planetary drives and, while not as powerful, do have enough oomph for most chores.

The lowest-cost option is the direct drive, though this design is typically limited to smaller machinery-types and lighter-duty applications. Auger drives are sized according to hydraulic flow rate, which dictates the power supply to the attachment. On the low end of the scale, drives with best operating flow rates between 10 and 14 gpm accommodate smaller bits.

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diameters. Besides drives, auger bit options are important. These come in a variety of styles with varying capabilities. Lighter-duty bits will work well in non-compacted, loose soil. Heavier-duty bits might be used for compacted or frozen ground and clays.“The most popular auger options are bolt-on teeth, drive-in teeth and bullet teeth,” says Danuser.

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For skid steers with out-of-the-cab controlled backhoe attachments, the operator will need to exit the skid steer cab and saddle up onto the seat provided by the backhoe attachment. Perched atop of the attachment, the operator has excavator-style controls to manipulate the attachment, with dig depths up to around 11 ft.

One of the most important things to consider is the trencher’s depth and width for the application. Most trenchers are designed for a number of applications, so be sure to determine all of your application needs before you rent or buy your trencher. This will help in determining the model trencher that is the right one for you.

Most trencher manufacturers offer a variety of digging chains. Because soil conditions vary from location to location, matching the digging chain with the soil conditions can make all the difference in a successful trenching operation. Most manufacturers offer digging chains for usage in almost all soil conditions and in almost all weather conditions.

Avoid A Mismatch Between Skid Steers/ctls & Attachments

Most trencher manufacturers offer many features and benefits. Some feature direct motor drives and others feature chain reduction drives. Direct drives often offer more chain speed but lose out in long-term durability and the all-important area of torque. Heavy-duty chain reduction drives (similar to those that propel skid steer loaders) offer a dependable and economical method of maximizing digging power at an affordable cost.

Grader rakes are best for applications that require the clearing of coarse materials such as sticks, bricks, rocks and roots on a jobsite. It is not recommended for preparing soil for grass seeding because its tines create long striations that allow seed to fall too far into the ground, creating stripes in a lawn — a landscaping faux pas.

Of course, the most versatile rake attachment around would have to be the power box rake attachment. Power box rakes combine four attachments into one, allowing you to grade, level, rake, remove debris and prepare bare ground for seed or sod. Power box rakes can also be used to dethatch and remove old lawns and weeds for lawn renovations.

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It has a “barrier” that adjusts so the operator can control the practical size of the workable loom on the site and material left in the seedbed depending on the soil moisture conditions — allowing for faster drying in wet and muddy conditions. The barrier’s malleability makes it possible for material such as roots and large tree limbs to pass through the attachment without compromising or stressing it.



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